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True Grain Organic Rye Flour - BC Sifted

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True Grain Organic Rye Flour - BC Sifted

Organic flour milled using simple stone mill technology that has been around for hundreds of years. BC grown and produced in small scale to create a flour that is pure, natural and nutrient rich. 

True Grain

True Grain Bread is an Old World inspired European bakery where the craft of the Miller and Baker are honed and cherished. It starts of course, with the grain itself. They use 100 % BC-grown organic grain for everything they bake. From ancient grains like Einkorn, Emmer, Rye, Khorasan and Spelt, to heritage wheat like Canada’s own Red Fife, they buy directly from organic farmers close to home.

We stay “true to the grain” when they stone mill the grain into flour, by milling at low temperatures and adding no preservatives or conditioners.

Ingredients: Organic stone ground BC grown sifted Rye flour.
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