St. Lawrence Herb de Provence Salt

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St. Lawrence Herb de Provence Salt

A bold blend of rosemary, thyme, lavender blended with salt garlic and sugar.  Beautiful for Provencal grilled tomatoes, salted potatoes cooked in duck fat.

Provencal Chicken
Bbq Grilled 1/2 chicken on the bone 
1 Tbsp Dijon mustard, massage into the bird, on top and or under the skin on both sides.
3/4 table spoon Herbs of Provence 
Marinate minimum 3 hours up to 24
Grill chicken and serve 
-Grilled zucchini and tomato to accompany 
Seasoning tip - use 1% of weight of bird for salt level (Including bones, aka total weight). 1 kilo equals 10 grams of salt.  

Created by Award winning chef Jc Porrier from St. Lawrence Restaurant. 

St. Lawrence

Sea Salt. Herbs of Provence, Turbinado sugar, Garlic powder

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