St. Lawrence Citrus Salt

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St. Lawrence Citrus Salt

Sel aux agrumes , Great for fish and vegetables

Punchy flavours of dried citrus and fine French herbs of teraton and dill. Wonderful for seasoning or curing of fish or seafood, grilled or fresh vegetables, or as a compliment to salads.

Beet & Burrata Citrus Salad  - serves 2 
2   Large roasted beets  
1   Table spoon of roughly chopped pistachios
*A generous amount of Burrata*
2   generous three finger pinches of Citrus salt 
2   Table spoons olive oil 
6-7 Torn leaves of mint 
Cut beets and burrata to desired size
Season burrata and beets with 2 pinches of Citrus salt 
Mix together with all other ingredients in large bowl  
Toss, season as desired and serve 

Created by Award winning chef Jc Porrier from St. Lawrence Restaurant. 

St. Lawrence Restaurant

Sea Salt, Orange zest, Lemon zest, Tarragon, Dill, Turbinado Sugar

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