Silver Hills Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns

6/pkg [Frozen]
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Silver Hills Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns

There’s nothing we love more than getting together with family and friends and our delicious hot dog buns are always the life of the party. Made with ancient whole grains popular for centuries, we’re happy to introduce a new generation to the benefits of sprouted ancient grains.

Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery

Silver Hills Bakery opened in 1989 in Abbotsford, BC with a mission to empower people by providing healthy choices. They believe investing in health is the greatest gift you can give someone because when you’re healthy, you’ll have more to share. By caring for one another and the planet, they create a truly healthy world. Making foods with care and purpose from sprouted grains and a simple list of ingredients, Silverhills aims to see to it that the nutrient-dense power of sprouted foods is shared in as many places as possible.

Ingredients: Organic sprouted whole red fife flour, Water, Vital wheat gluten, Sugars (organic cane sugar), Yeast, Cultured wheat flour (wheat flour, bacterial culture), Sea salt, Enriched wheat flour, Enzymes, Ascorbic acid.
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