Chambar - Braised Short Rib w Nugget Potatoes

450 g (serves 2)
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Chambar - Braised Short Rib w Nugget Potatoes

A taste of Chambar at home. Pre cooked. Quick, easy and delicious. Heat and eat or store in your freezer.


In a city blessed with an abundance of restaurants, Chambar has earned it's place among the best. Multi award winning for its design, service and wine list.The food is exceptional, with a commitment to fresh seasonal produce, Belgian themed with North African influence.

Owned by Nico and Karri Schuermans, the restaurant is still one of the most anticipated dining experiences for visitors to Vancouver. Chambar – civilized debauchery.

Ingredients: beef short ribs, garlic, white onion, nugget potatoes, whole pear tomatoes, salt, brown sugar, thyme, juniper berries, black peppercorn, bay leaf, and chipotle.

May contain nuts, seeds, wheat, and dairy.

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