Scratch Fine Foods - Cultured Chilli Sauce

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This chili sauce is made with a mix of tien tsin, santaka and birds beak peppers, making for a fiercely spicy blend. We ferment the hot sauce for 2-3 weeks to bring out subtle, sweet flavors in the chilis. This hot sauce is comparable to the ‘sambal olek’ chili sauce you see in the grocery store, but with vastly more flavor and probiotic action! It is full bodied, rich and packing heated character. There’s a huge range of use for this condiment. From your spicy Bloody Mary, to marinades, ramen broth seasoning, to flavoring your favorite aioli or pasta sauce. Scratch Chili Sauce is must-have in any spice lover’s pantry. ** This is a live fermented product and may be bubbly and active when opened

Scratch fine Foods - Vancouver, Bc

Tien Tsin, Santaka, Birds Beak Chillis, Rice Vinegar, Sugar, Kosher Salt

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