Saus x Twin Sails Brewing - Would Crush Mustard BBQ Sauce

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Saus x Twin Sails Brewing - Would Crush Mustard BBQ Sauce

Combining raspberry wheat ale, mustard and coffee bbw to create a unique tangy mustard base bbq sauce. 

Recommended for anything on the BBQ.


Founder, Seamus Dixon, has worked his way through restaurants for over 20 years. He is seen every position from every angle and has helped co-create the menus of burger joints, restaurants and cafes across Canada.

He experimented to create food with innovative flavours, textures and ingredients. What became apparent to him, time and time again, was that the magic ingredient was always sauce. It is true, everyone loves a good sauce, and some may say a meal is not truly complete without it. 


Twin Sails Brewing

Twin Sails Brewing joined Port Moody’s “Brewers Row” late in 2015. The name of the brewery refers to its founders, identical twin brothers, as well as the common sight of sailboats that can be seen on the waters of the Burrard Inlet right out front of the brewery. Twin Sails focuses on progressive American IPAs, stouts, sours and wild barrel beers. 


Ingredients: yellow mustard, coffee bbw, maple syrup, would crush, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, ketchup, black pepper, white pepper, salt, garlic powder, and harissa.

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