Prana Machu Pichu Trail Mix

150 g
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Prana Machu Pichu Trail Mix

An exotic sweet and tangy raw trail mix!

This vibrant mix gets its name from Peru’s legendary mountain citadel, and it’ll provide you with the fuel you need to climb it! The exciting mix of nourishing, functional foods such as organic raw nuts, seeds and exotic dried fruits such as peruvian goldenberries (hence the name), white mulberries and goji berries is the secret behind Machu Pichu’s sweet and tangy flavour. Not only does it taste incredibly good, this trail mix will nourish and revitalize you!



Ingredients: Almonds*, Raisins*, European pumpkin seeds*, white mulberries*, Brazil nuts*, Goji berries*, Golden berries (Physalis)*. *Organic Contains nuts. May contain nut shells, traces of sesame and soy.
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