Portofino - Hotdog Pretzel Buns [Frozen]

6 x 4oz buns [Frozen]
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Portofino - Hotdog Pretzel Buns [Frozen]

Whether you are enjoying a burger, a sandwich, or just looking for a dinner roll, the right bun can make all the difference.

Add your favourite sizzled sausage and condiments. We recommend a spicy mustard and sauerkraut.



Jaap Verbeke, General Manager of Portofino Bakery, began as an apprentice in Holland when he was 11 years old. After exploring other career paths, one of which led him to Canada, he returned to his childhood passion and opened a retail bakery in Broadmead Shopping Village in Victoria, BC.

Customers began asking for larger quantities than the bakery could supply and so, over time they have transitioned into their current location; a 15,275 sq ft space specifically designed to reflect the need for improved efficiencies, environmentally friendly production processes, and improved working conditions with optimal food safety standards. 

Ingredients: unbleached white flour, water, granulated sugar, non-hydrogenated canola shortening, fresh yeast, malted barley flour, wheat flour, ascorbic acid, barley malt syrup, sea salt, organic wheat flour, enzymes.

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