PEI Beef Ribeye Steak

10oz [Fresh]
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PEI Beef Ribeye Steak

311g average. Classic steakhouse grilling cut.

*Beef prices subject to change with market. Certified Halal.

Prince Edward Island Beef

Prince Edward Island Certified Beef, raised on Canada’s Food Island is genuine in character and old world flavour for the tables of those who choose to eat better. For generations, Prince Edward Island farmers have been raising cattle using a traditional, holistic approach. Today, cattle continue to be raised on the Island’s small family owned farms. Salt air, iron-rich soil, and rolling pastures produce healthy, stress-free animals. There’s a relationship between farmer, animal and the land that can’t be replicated resulting in beef as distinctive as the Island itself. Prince Edward Island Certified Beef’s distinctive taste and tenderness is thanks to being raised on some of the highest quality grass and fodder, potato and selected feeds in the world.

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