Organicgirl - Baby Arugula

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Organicgirl - Baby Arugula

Product Story

Wow this green can multi-task – great as a salad, but even better for cooking! Spread on top of pizza, add it to your favorite pasta dish, or sauté with spinach for a spicy side dish.

Tasting Notes

The wild child of greens! Baby arugula is most definitely greens with an attitude! One bite and you’ll quickly understand – baby arugula is spicy, peppery & flavorful. Are your taste buds ready?


A small company with some big ideas.

In California’s beautiful and fertile Salinas Valley, a small band of hard-working folks – you know them as organicgirl! – constantly strive to offer the very best organic produce available.

In 2007 they set out to change the industry, dedicating themselves to finding better ways to grow, package and deliver a wide variety of premium greens. Greens full of flavor and loaded with personality (like organicgirl!) They are forever challenging themselves to create new, fresh ideas for great tasting food. They are a community of people who love to live and eat well, and share what they make with others.



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