NutMeg Mylk - Nut Nog [1L]

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NutMeg Mylk - Nut Nog [1L]


NutMeg's take on a festive classic egg nog. Made with a creamy blend of almonds and cashews, spiced with nutmeg and all spice, and a hint of orange. Lightly sweetened with vanilla, maple and dash of molasses this Mylk will give you all the festive feels while feeling healthy with its clean and natural ingredients!

NutMeg Mylk


At NutMeg, Nut Mylks are handcrafted with raw, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients that are carefully sourced with the highest quality ingredients, opting to choose local whenever possible.

Ingredients: Water, Almonds, Cashews, All spice, Sugars (maple syrup), Molasses, Vanilla, Orange extract, Pink salt. Contains: Almonds, Cashews.
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