Motonobu Udon - Niku Waka 'The Original' Udon Bowl [Frozen]

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Motonobu Udon - Niku Waka 'The Original' Udon Bowl [Frozen]

All contained in a clevar package, these frozen 'bowls' come with broth, noodles, beef brisket, wakame (seaweed), and green onions.

Udon is a type of thick, wheat-flour noodle used in Japanese cuisine. Traditional udon is called ‘koshi’ - essentially translate to more ‘bouncy‘ than it does to ‘chewy’. The ideal udon is soft but not mushy. The noodles are done in the Sanuki Style, they follow a family recipe and use Canadian sourced flour to create a very special blend.

Instructions: Place udon broth-side down in a pot and bring to a low boil. Cover pot and let simmer for ten minutes, occasionally turning over the beef. Add your own garnishes [such as eggs, green onions, or DD Mau fried garlic] to finish if you like and enjoy!

Motonobu Udon

Located in Vancouver, B.C, Motonobu Udon is the work of local Japanese chef Shin Iwamoto. Motonobu's family-based udon noodles are handmade in house, using a special custom flour blend and locally sourced ingredients to create an unique noodle experience.

Ingredients: beef brisket, wakame (seaweed), sake, mirin, konbu (kelp), shiitake mushrooms, dried fish (bonito, mackerel, aji, anchovy), salt, sugar, soy sauce, flour, and green onions.

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