Mindfoods - Cosmic Cocoa - Chia Pudding


Functional Benefits Cosmic Cacao is an arousing and nourishing blend. With pure 100% Cacao that helps boost mood and libido. Complemented with medicinal dose of Reishi mushroom that helps balance energy and supports a healthy immune response.


Tastes Like Think decadent chocolate with creamy Peanut Butter. A hearty pudding, naturally sweetened, with a hint of saltiness. You can't notice the mushroom taste at all.

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Mindfoods - Cosmic Cocoa - Chia Pudding


Mindfoods Chia Pudding is a gut-friendly, nutrient-packed and delicious way to enjoy chia. We have combined the power of chia with all-natural, high-quality superfoods and adaptogens to create a filling pudding that tastes good and does you good.

Mindfoods - Vancouver, BC

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