Made Good - Chocolate Drizzled Birthday Cake Bars

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Made Good - Chocolate Drizzled Birthday Cake Bars

What’s this? A MadeGood Granola Bar drizzled and dipped in chocolate, that’s what. Vegan, organic, and free from the most common allergens including dairy. It’s as rich and decadent as it looks. Tastes like the best of a birthday cake, and still, there’s a serving of veggies perfectly baked inside. Make a wish!

Made Good

Three siblings who love healthy food. MadeGood® was started to share a family’s love for good snacks, but it was also started to do some good in the world.

Good is their passion. Because snacking is for everyone, they bake MadeGood® in a dedicated nut-free facility. All their snacks are free from the most common allergens, they are organic and contain a serving of vegetables. The oats they use come from an industry-leading producer of pure, uncontaminated, organic, certified gluten-free oats through its Purity Protocol. What all this means is that their snacks are safe and really delicious.

Ingredients: Pure gluten free oats, Sugars [Agave syrup, Brown rice syrup, Cane sugar], Chocolate [Cane sugar, Unsweetened chocolate, Cocoa butter], Sprinkles [Rice crisps [Rice flour, Cane syrup, Salt], Vegetable glycerin, Sunflower oil, Purple sweet potato [Purple sweet potato juice, Maltodextrin, Citric acid], Spirulina extract], Brown rice crisps, Sunflower oil, Natural flavour, Vegetable extracts [Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Tomatoes, Beets, Shiitake mushrooms], Salt, Agar. 

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