Loot Toy Company - Bubble Whoosh Clear [no nasties]

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Loot Toy Company - Bubble Whoosh Clear

Loot Toy Co. Bubble Whoosh is a skin friendly, moisturizing foaming bath powder, packed with ingredients known for their beneficial effect on the skin. Just one heaped tablespoon creates a lather-rich bubble bath all plant-based, vegan and gluten-free.

Loot Toy Company - Vancouver, B.C.

Loot was born in Vancouver, Canada in 2016. Our purpose and focus was making fun, skin-friendly and eco-aware kids bath products for the local toy and gift market. We partner with over 500 North American retailers, as well as distributors and agencies, producing eight different products -  all by hand in our studio in Vancouver.

We are constantly researching new products to better meet the needs of kids (and their parents).

Sodum Laural Sulfoacetate (Lathanol), Coconut oil, Corn Starch, Colloidal Oats, Sodium Bicarbonate.

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