Livia Bakery - Potato [Burger] Buns

4 Buns [Frozen]
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Livia Bakery Potato [Burger] Buns

World Famous. Made fresh weekly on Commercial Drive. Flash frozen and delivered.

Livia Bakery

Livia is a family business run by husband and wife duo Claire Livia Lassam and Jordan Pires. It’s named after Claire’s beloved Nona, Livia, who was an extraordinary baker, grandparent, and who was filled with more joy than most people ever get to see. It’s open for beautiful coffee and lovingly made pastries in the morning, bustling for Italian leaning breakfasts and lunches, and into the evenings on weekends for wine and handmade pasta.

Flour, Potato Flour, Milk,Butter, Yeast, Water, Salt, Canola Oil
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