KitsKitchen Green Goodness Soup

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Kits Kitchen Green Goodness Soup 

This vibrantly green and creamy soup fuels and nourishes with a mix of the most nutrient-dense veggies.

This soup can be eaten cold, or hot. On a warm summer’s day, this soup is coupled beautifully with a robust spinach and radish salad. On cold winter nights, this soup hits the spot coupled with a warmed goat cheese salad.

NOTE: When defrosting place in a container in the instance of any potential leaks.

Kits Kitchen

The idea of a soup company began in 2013, when Joni noticed her eating habits change as she started to incorporate soup in her regular diet. She felt her taste buds reset, she was satiated after eating them and her body weight was regulating.

Bringing home-made soups into her workplace at lululemon’s corporate office became a regular occurrence, and her friends and colleagues began asking her to bring some for them as well. Joni then became increasingly aware of the popularity soup at her office, which was filled with health-conscious individuals. She knew she was onto something, and started to think about recipes.

The ever-expanding local food movement embraced by people and organizations also caught Joni’s attention as she started to plan her soup business. After some research, she was blown away by what supporting local means! It was then decided that her soups would be made from locally sourced ingredients, and they needed to also be organic to ensure that the utmost premium product was to be offered.

The kitskitchen promise is to offer delicious wheat-free, dairy-free and several plant-based soups that are clean, healthy, and made from natural ingredients. You can rest assured it’s guilt-free!

Ingredients: Organic Zucchini, Organic Spinach, Coconut Milk, Organic Onion, Water, Basil, Corn, Lemon Juice, Dill, Organic Garlic, Non-iodized Sea Salt.
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