Kissa Tanto Duck Ragout Pasta Sauce

500g (Serves 2-3)
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Kissa Tanto White Duck Ragu Sauce 

A taste of Kissa Tanto at home. Precooked. Heat and toss with your favourite pasta. Serves 2-3.

Heating Instructions: Bring a pot of water to a boil. Place bag in water and reduce heat to a simmer. Hear for about 7 minutes. With care, cut open bag and pour contents onto cooked pasta. Add pasta water to loosen sauce until noodles are glossy.

Kissa Tanto 

Tucked into the upper story of a delightfully faded building in Chinatown, Kissa Tanto invites you into the little jewel that is the House of Plenty.  A combination of delicate flavours of Japan and the warmth of ltalian cooking coming together. Now available in pre-made portions for a quick and easy meal. 

Ingredients: Duck leg, duck liver, pork fat, button mushrooms, thyme, rosemary, onion, celery, fennel, black pepper, coriander, milk, chicken stock, white wine, flour.
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