Julián Martin - Jamon de Cebo Iberico 50% Raza Iberica [Sliced]

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Julián Martin - Grain-Fed Iberico Pork Ham 50% Iberico Breed 

The Iberico Cebo Ham of Julian Martan is, because of the careful selection of the best breeds of Iberico, its feeding based exclusively on natural products and all the care and expertise put into its production, a truly unique product that will leave an unforgettable impression on your palate.

Back legs of an Iberico pig. Obtained from adult Iberico pigs with at least 75% of genetic percentage. Fed with prepared feed consisting of cereals and everything they find in our woodlands (roots, herbs, grass, etc.). Slaughtered with at least 10 months of age, minimum weight of 150 kg, and subjected to salting and dry-curing processes.

Arc Iberico Imports

pork meat and fat, salt,paprika,spices,dextrose,lactose,dextrin,soy protein, milk proteins, antioxidants ( E-300, E-301), preservatives (E-252, 250) GLUTEN FREE
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