Jonny Hetherington - Original Ketchup

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Jonny Hetherington - Original Ketchup

Our ketchups are made with fresh tomatoes. You may not have heard, but canned tomatoes have been linked to cancer. So we say, why take a chance! There's also half the amount of sugar than most brands out there. Guess what, when you use fresh tomatoes, you don't need as much sugar to make your ketchup sweet. What a win-win!


Jonny Hetherington - Vancouver, B.C. 

At Jonny Hetherington Essentials we create Habanero Hot Sauce and Premium Ketchup Trios using all natural ingredients and leave the preservatives and additives behind. We source our produce right here in British Columbia where we make our gluten free/vegan artisan sauces in small batches. We'd like to be your 'go to' brand for fresh flavours made from ingredients that you can feel good about eating.

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