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16 tampons
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joni - Regular Tampons [16 pack] 


These 100% certified organic cotton tampons (including the string!) provide unscented and chemical-free protection that doesn't irritate your vagina. They are applicator-free tampons which help reduce your carbon footprint each cycle. Just use your finger to insert your tampon vs a traditional plastic applicator that just gets thrown away. 

  • certified organic (GOTS, OCS, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified)
  • plant-based plastic compostable wrapper (BPI and OK Compost biodegradable)

Contains 16 regular absorbency tampons. Regular tampons absorb between 6-9g of blood.


joni is Canadian - based out of Victoria, BC, on Vancouver Island. Through their mission of driving period equity forward in Canada they created Canada's first period care one-for-one model to provide everybody who needs period care in Canada with safe, innovative, and accessible options.

tampon: 100% organic cotton, string: 100% cotton

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