Hills Legacy Meats Turkey Mediterranean Sausage (Frozen)

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Hills Legacy Meats Turkey Mediterranean Sausage 

Coarse ground, in-house in small batches using non GMO, antibiotic free turkey. Blended with sun dried tomatoes and fresh, sweet basil.

// As perfectly blended as the small towns that mark the Mediterranean coast line. Subtly spiced leaving you warm and content as if the sun was gently resting on your face. Pairs well with greek salad and tzatziki.

Hills Legacy Meats

Small batch, artisan produced - using consciously sourced meat. No preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavours. We handcraft food that is good for you from farms that are good for the planet.

Ingredients: Free Range Turkey, Sundried Tomatoes, Mennonite Seasoning( includes mustard), Black Pepper, Basil, Granulated Garlic, Collagen Casing.
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