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Happy Planet Organic Valencia Orange Juice

1.75 L
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Happy Planet Organic Valencia Orange Juice

Happy Planets job is to find sun ripened fruit and squeeze every last drop from them. Big discovery – the Valencia Orange. The fruit that gave Orange County its name. Full, juicy, and sunshine sweet – everything you can ask of a fruit.

Happy Planet 

At Happy Planet they make food that tastes great and makes you feel good using only the freshest, natural and highest quality ingredients they can find in Burnaby, BC. That’s why they don’t need to use artificial ingredients – it’s that simple! Not only that – they strive to source ingredients that are ethically, sustainably and organically grown. They like to get involved in the local community and make a difference where they can. They have not made all the planet happy yet … but it’s a good start.


Ingredients: water, organic orange juice concentrate, organic orange oil.
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