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GoodDrink Organic Wild Blackberry Spritzer

1 can 355 ml
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GoodDrink Organic Wild Blackberry Spritzer

GoodDrink Organic Wild Blackberry Spritzer is a delicious hybrid of an aromatic sparkling blackberry juice and an effervescent seltzer that is full of flavour while still keeping it light and balanced.

Good Drink 

GoodDrink Beverage Co. started in 2009 with their flagship brand, Classic Bottled Tea. They started with four core flavours:  Iced Tea, Green Tea and their beloved (and still to this day best-seller) Mango Tea.  Over the past ten years they have expanding the tea flavours to nine and added three more brand families:  Organic Spritzter, Organic Sparkling Water and GoodWater.    

Ingredients: Carbonated water, organic blackberry juice, organic cane sugar, organic natural flavour, citric acid. Contains 13% juice.
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