Gnubees - Go Bananas, On The Go Nutrition [CASE]

190ml x 12 [CASE]
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Gnubees - Go Bananas, On The Go Nutrition

They’ll go bananas for this creamy smoothie. There’s no monkeying around with this staff favourite. 

Lunch box friendly, on-the-go gnurition! The Gnubees resealable flexible pouches are kid proof and environmentally friendly. These picky-eater approved flavours are enjoyed just as much by parents... and no stress, the fibre means no sugar crash!

GnuSanté - Burnaby

Filtered water, and organic pear juices from concentrate, dairy base (cream, skim milk, sugar, lemon juice, pectin, lactic acid), whey protein isolate, chicory root inulin, organic tapioca solids, natural flavour, pectin, milk minerals, carrot and black currant concentrate for colour, malic acid, organic honey, marine magnesium, citric acid. Contains: Milk Refrigerate after opening and consume within 3 days.

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