Essentials by Legends - Chicken Bolognese

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Essentials by Legends - Chicken Bolognese

Reheat, serve and enjoy! 

Essentials by Legends products are prepared fresh weekly by a team of professionally trained Chefs. We made a conscious choice to not use preservatives for both our environment and our collective health. Please be aware that these products are meant to be consumed within a few days/weeks of purchasing. We purposefully package in a smaller format to make the use of these products within their 'best before' date range realistic.

**Buy and Save promotion is applicable to the quantity in the description. Any more quantities of the item will be at the regular price.**

Essentials By Legends

Our own in-house brand: Essentials by Legends, is carefully curated for every need in your kitchen. 

Ingredients: Ground Chicken, Red Wine, Thyme, Pregano, Italian parsley, Garlic, Onion, Celery, Carrot, Plum Tomato, Chilies, Salt.

This product was manufactured in a facility containing nuts.

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