Emerald Grasslands Organic Grass Fed Butter Salted

250 g
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to 12/24/2020

Emerald Grasslands Grass Fed Butter Salted 

A sea salted Emerald Grasslands butter made from fresh, grass-fed, organic, Jersey cream and Vancouver Island Sea Salt.

These two complementary ingredients create a sea salted butter that is well balanced and flavourful.

All Emerald Grasslands salted butter is carefully barrel-churned to 84% butterfat at Alliston Creamery.

Emerald Grasslands 

The Emerald Grasslands brand is owned and operated by Can-Dairy Inc. Can-Dairy, is passionate about building an environmentally and socially conscious company that will impact the world in positive ways. 

They always put human health, land management and animal welfare at the forefront of our business decisions. Can-Dairy chooses to operate their business in this way so they can maximize impact - not profit.


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