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Elbo Patties - Spicy Beef

6 x Patties
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Classic Spicy Beef, the *original* original – perfectly seasoned, slow-simmered ground beef, diced yellow pepper and scallion. Chips & Chutney The Spicy Beef is perfect for Breakfast, lunch or Dinner.

Elbo Patties - Vancouver



Elbo Patties brings Jamaican patties, coco bread, chutneys and sauces to the people of Vancouver British Columbia for pick up and special events. Self made entrepreneur and culinary master Chris Boreland has been serving both quality interpretations of classics and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of Jamaican cuisine.
Beef filling -- ground beef , onion , garlic , allspice , nacho chili , scotch bonnet peppers , garlic powder , 5 spice , ginger powder , onion powder Dough --flour , butter , salt , sugar, Turmeric, yeast ,
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