East Van Jam - Apricot w/ Hops Spread [Low Sugar]

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East Van Jam - Apricot w/ Hops Spread [Low Sugar]

More love, less sugar. Artisinal, low-sugar spreads made exsclusively with beautiful fruit from British Columbia. Handmade with love in Vancouver Canada.

East Van Jam named this flavour "Monsieur Hopricot" and describes it as:

  • A young bachelor with a head full of ideas, he is out-going and self-assured. His winning combination of tart, but sweet apricot and floral hops excites the crowd.

    Luscious apricots paired with the unusual floral qualities of hops, this jam is unique and full of flavour.

An excellent choice for cocktails, but also delights on a cheese plate

East Van Jam

With gourmet flavour pairings and a mere fraction of the sugar, East Van Jam produces fun and guilt-free spreads inspired by the eclectic variety of characters that make East Vancouver so unique. Made locally with BC produce and so much love, less sugar means there's way more fruit in every jar.

Ingredients: Okanagan apricots infused with locally grown Hops, Organic cane sugar, Pure lemon juice, Pectin, Citric acid.

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