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Domencia Fiore Reserva Olive Oil

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Domencia Fiore Reserva Olive Oil 

Award winning complex oil with overtones of artichoke leaves and almonds, Reserva has notes of tomato and cooked fennel. It’s smooth and balanced with a long, peppery finish. Reserva is an ideal finishing oil for grilled meats and fish.

Domenica Fiore Reserva is nitrogen sealed in stainless steel bottles to preserve the oil’s freshness and quality, and each specially designed bottle is signed and numbered by Cesare Bianchini, the direttore of the estate, for traceability.

Domenica Fiore 

Domenica Fiore shares a love of Italy, the land and the rich flavors it yields. The Domenica Fiore team is driven by offering the purest, freshest products—and the exacting processes this quality demands

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