Crofter's - Organic Jam - Seedless Raspberry

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Crofter's - Organic Jam - Seedless Raspberry

Warm it up and drizzle it on ice cream. Oh, yes we did just tell you to do that. Trust us on this one. Organic raspberries, Fair-Trade cane sugar—this is a recipe for success. Try mixing it in buttercream for lemon raspberry cake. Or better yet, shake it with some balsamic and drizzle it over your salad. We could go on. And on. And on.

When we say seedless, there is not a seed to be found. Not a single one. The texture of this sucker is a velvet, creamy delight. Completely opaque and smooth, this spread has the sweet, tangy, lively taste that can only come from a lot of raspberries. 

Crofter's Organic

Owners, Gerhard and Gabi Latka grew up and met in a rural village in Germany. Gerhard’s father owned a food flavor and extraction company where Gerhard absorbed the importance of flavor and high-quality ingredients. The couples fruit spread was born in 1991 and today, they still take joy in being involved in every facet of their spread and are confident they’ll still be at it many, many years from now.

Ingredients: organic seedless raspberry puree, organic cane sugar, Pectin solution [water, apple pectin], ascorbic acid [vitamin C], citric acid.

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