Cola Cao - Chocolate Drink Mix

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Cola Cao - Chocolate Drink Mix

Natural cocoa is one that does not go through any chemical process, that is, it is extracted directly from the cocoa tree. It is picked by hand and dried in the sun, then toasted and pressed. It has a light brown colour, is more bitter and with notes of acidity. Maintains all the features nutritional, colour and flavour of cocoa.

Whether its scorching hot out, or more of a rainy "Netflix and chill" kind of day, Cola Cao has you covered. Combine it with water or milk (hot or cold) to get a richer, chocolatier taste than any instant chocolate drink mix you've had before. 


Cola Cao

Cola Cao has been the most consumed brand of soluble cocoas in Spain since its creation in 1945. Its popularity has grown year after year, enjoyed by those of all ages. But something that has remained invariable throughout its 75-year history is its recipe, made with natural cocoa.

Contains wheat and barley.

Ingredients: Sugar, natural fat-reduced cocoa [22%], kola-malted cereal [wheat flour, barley malt extract, natural flavor: kola nut extract], mineral salts [calcium, phosphorus], flavorings, salt.

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