Boulevard Vegetable Curry

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Boulevard Vegetable Curry

Malaysian Vegetable curry inspired by Chef Alex Chen's Mothers cooking. Precooked, just heat and eat. Two generous portions. 

Vegan and Gluten Free.

Boulevard Provisions

Vancouver’s Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar provides a distinctive showcase for the celebrated culinary vision of Executive Chef Alex Chen and redefines the fine art of dining with subtle, unexpected and playful approaches to cuisine, service and style.

With an innovative approach that blends a respect for the past with a celebration of the present, Chen’s seafood-focused menu is grounded in classical technique and training, while artfully infusing casual West Coast flair and creative hints of his international influences.

Ingredients: butternut squash , rutabaga , cauliflower ,peas ,carrots ,new potatoes ,cippolini onions ,sweet potatoes ,coconut milk , turmeric, cumin, chilli ,coriander ,cloves ,vegan base seasoning, tomato ,lemongrass, ginger,onions, shallots, garlic ,sugar, salt.
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