Asian Family Foods - Hoisin Sauce

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Asian Family Foods - Hoisin Sauce

Sweet, tangy sauce made with soybeans, sugar and vinegar, also known as seafood and barbecue sauces.

Use: Stir-fry into meats and vegetable dishes, serve as an accompaniment to Peking Duck and other Chinese pancake dishes (Moo Shoo Pork) or baste for baking/roasting and barbecuing meats.

Asian Family Foods - Vancouver, B.C 

Sugar, Water, Miso paste (soybean, rice, salt), Soybean paste [soybean, rice, salt, colour (caramel/E150a)], Vinegar, Modified tapioca starch, Salt, Colour (caramel/E150a), Garlic powder, Spices, pH adjusting agent (citric acid)
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